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valid until December 31st, 2006
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Article DescriptionSeriesSpecificationArt. No. Article DescriptionSeriesSpecificationArt. No. 
Small semiconductor HeaterRC 016AC/DC 110-250V, 8W01602.0-00Filter FanFF 018AC 230V, 21m³/h, IP5401800.0-00
UL File No. E150057 AC/DC 110-250V, 10W   01609.0-00(Filter mat G4) AC 230V, 55m³/h, IP5401801.0-00
小型管路用加热器 AC/DC 110-250V, 13W01610.0-00  AC 230V, 102m³/h , IP 5401802.0-00
 RCE 016AC/DC 110-250V, 5W01622.0-00  AC 230V, 200m³/h, IP 5401804.0-00
小型管路用加热器 AC/DC 110-250V, 9W01623.0-00通风过滤网组 AC 230V, 300m³/h, IP 5401803.0-00
 mounting clips (1 pack. unit = 2 pieces)09008.0-01  AC 230V, 550m³/h, IP 5401805.0-00
Small semiconductor HeaterHGK 047AC/DC 110-250V, 10W04700.0-00Filter Fan with Airflow MonitorFFL 218AC 230V, 21m³/h, IP 5421800.0-00
  AC/DC 110-250V, 20W04701.0-00(Filter mat G4) AC 230V, 55m³/h, IP 5421801.0-00
PTC 加热器 AC/DC 110-250V, 30W04702.0-00  AC 230V, 102m³/h, IP 5421802.0-00
 screw fixing (1 pack. unit = 2 pieces)09024.0-001) Airflow Monitor with adapter  AC 230V, 200m³/h, IP 5421804.0-001)
Semiconductor HeaterHG 040 AC/DC 110-250V, 15W04000.0-001) Airflow Monitor with adapter  AC 230V, 550m³/h, IP 5421805.0-001)
(protection type IP 44) AC/DC 110-250V, 30W04001.0-00    
  AC/DC 110-250V, 45W04003.0-00Exit / Intake FilterEF 11897 x 97mm, IP5411800.0-00
  AC/DC 110-250V, 60W04005.0-00(Filter mat G4) 125 x 125mm, IP5411801.0-00
PTC 加热器 AC/DC 110-250V, 75W04006.0-002) Exit Filter for 102m³/h and 200m³/h versions 176 x 176mm, IP5411802.0-002)
  AC/DC 110-250V, 100W04007.0-003) Exit Filter for 300m²/h and 550m³/h versions 250 x 250mm, IP5411803.0-003)
  AC/DC 110-250V, 150W04008.0-00    
 screw fixing (1 pack. unit = 2 pieces)09024.0-00    
Semiconductor HeaterHG 140 AC/DC 110-250V, 15W14000.0-00Filter Mat G4FM 08689 x 89mm08600.0-00
(with pressure clamp connectors) AC/DC 110-250V, 30W14001.0-00(1 pack. unit = 3 pieces) 118 x 118mm08601.0-00
(protection type IP 20) AC/DC 110-250V, 45W14003.0-004) Filter Mat for 01802.0-00 and 01804.0-00 168 x 168mm08602.0-004)
UL File No. E150057 AC/DC 110-250V, 60W14005.0-005) Filter Mat for 01803.0-00 and 01805.0-00 247 x 247mm08608.0-005)
  AC/DC 110-250V, 75W14006.0-00通风过滤网   
PTC 加热器 AC/DC 110-250V, 100W14007.0-00Fine Filter Mat F5FFM 08689 x 89mm08603.0-00
  AC/DC 110-250V, 150W14008.0-00(1 pack. unit = 3 pieces) 118 x 118mm08604.0-00
 screw fixing (1 pack. unit = 2 pieces)09024.0-004) Filter Mat for 01802.0-00 and 01804.0-00 168 x 168mm08605.0-004)
small semiconductor Fan HeaterCS 028AC 230V, 140W with clip fixing02800.0-005) Filter Mat for 01803.0-00 and 01805.0-00 247 x 247mm08609.0-005)
(protection type IP 20) AC 230V, 140W with screw fixing02800.0-01    
风扇加热器   Outdoor Filter Fan FF 018AC 230V, 20m³/h, IP5501821.0-00
High-performance Fan HeaterHV 030AC 230V, 200W03021.9-00(Filter mat F5)   
(without fan) AC 230V, 400W03031.9-00通风过滤网组   
UL File No. E150057 AC 230V, 600W03033.9-00Outdoor Filter Fan w/ Airflow MonitorFFL 218AC 230V, 20m³/h, IP5521821.0-00
风扇加热器   (Filter mat F5)   
Space-saving Fan HeaterHVL 030AC 230V, 200W03032.9-00Outdoor Exit FilterEF 118125 x 125mm, IP5511821.0-00
(with fan) AC 230V, 400W 03024.9-00(Filter mat F5)   
Art. No. 03024.9-00: UL File No. E150057AC 230V, 600W03026.9-00通风过滤网   
风扇加热器   Outdoor Fine Filter Mat F5FFM 086122 x 122mm08607.0-00
Space-saving Fan HeaterHV 031AC 230V, 100W03100.0-00(1 pack. unit = 3 pieces)   
(without fan) AC 230V, 150W03101.0-00    
UL File No. E187294 AC 230V, 200W03110.0-00    
风扇加热器 AC 230V, 300W03111.0-00Roof Filter FanRFF 018AC 230V, 350m³/h, IP5401850.0-00
  AC 230V, 400W03112.0-00Roof Exit FilterREF 118250 x 250mm, IP5411850.0-00
High-performance Fan HeaterHVL 031AC 230V, 100W03102.0-00通风过滤网组   
(with fan) AC 230V, 150W03103.0-00Filter Mat G3 (1 pack. unit = 3 pieces)FM 086282 x 282mm08613.0-00
UL File No. E187294 AC 230V, 200W03113.0-00    
风扇加热器 AC 230V, 300W03114.0-00    
  AC 230V, 400W03115.0-00High-performance 19" Fan TrayLE 3-019AC 230V, 486m³/h01930.0-00
Compact Fan HeaterHGL 046AC 220-240V, 250W04640.0-00without thermostatLE 6-019AC 230V, 972m³/h01940.0-00
UL File No. E150057 AC 220-240V, 400W04641.0-00UL File No. E234324LE 9-019AC 230V, 1458m³/h01950.0-00
风扇加热器   伺服机柜散热组(不带温控)   
Semiconductor Fan HeaterCR 027AC 220-240V, 350W02700.0-00High-performance 19" Fan TrayLE 3-019AC 230V, 486m³/h01930.1-00
UL File No. E204590 AC 220-240V, 550W02701.0-00with thermostat 0 to +60°CLE 6-019AC 230V, 972m³/h01940.1-00
风扇加热器   UL File No. E234324LE 9-019AC 230V, 1458m³/h01950.1-00
Fan Heater optionally withCR 030AC 230V, 950W, 0 to 60°C03051.0-00伺服机柜散热组(带温控)   
thermostat or hygrostat AC 230V, 950W, 65% RH03051.0-02    
风扇加热器   Pressure Compensation DeviceDA 084pack. unit = 2 pieces, IP 4508400.0-00
Fan Heater optionally withCR 130AC 230V, 950W, 0 to 60°C13051.0-00plastics pack. unit = 2 pieces with gasket, IP 5508400.0-04
thermostat or hygrostat AC 230V, 950W, 65% RH13051.0-02通气孔   
    Pressure Compensation DeviceDA 284plastics, pack. unit = 2 pieces, IP 6628400.0-00
High-performance PTC Fan HeaterCR 032AC 230-250V, 1200W03220.0-00通气孔 plastics, 1 piece, IP 6628400.0-01
PTC 风扇加热器     stainless steel V2A, IP 6628401.0-00
Hazardous area HeaterCREx 020AC 230-240V, 50W02010.0-00Ventilated Appliance CoverMA 086125 x 125mm08611.0-00
Ex-protection according to EN LCIEAC 230-240V, 100W02011.0-00通风罩   
    Self-adhesive STEGOFIX 1 pack. unit = 5 pieces09510.0-01
IV. LIGHTING 照明系统      
Article DescriptionSeriesSpecificationArt. No. III. REGULATING AND MONITORING 调控开关 
Compact LampKL 025with German socket02500.0-00  ProductSTEGO
all AC 230V, 50Hz, 11W without socket02500.0-07Article DescriptionSeriesSpecificationArt. No. 
  with French socket02501.0-00Circulating Fan KitCF 019AC 230V, 22W with bracket01920.0-01
电柜照明灯 with Swiss socket02502.0-00流量监视开关   
  with UK/Ireland socket02510.0-00    
  with Italian socket02512.0-00    
 Lamp Cover 09520.0-00Air-flow Monitor, NCLC 01334 x 17,5 x 7,5mm01300.0-00
Dual LampDL 026with on/off switch02600.0-00with fixing clamp and fixing clip   
(screw fixing) with movement sensor02601.0-00    
all AC 230V, 50Hz, 20Wwall holder with connection cable03410.0-00Air-flow Monitor, NCLCF 01380 x 88 x 10,5mm01301.0-00
盘内照明灯self-adhesive fixing plates (pack. unit = 2 pieces)09515.0-00integrated in protective grille 92 x 92 x 10mm01302.0-00
Dual LampDL 026with on/off switch02600.0-01流量监视开关 120 x 120 x 10mm01303.0-00
(incl. self-adhesive fixing plates) with movement sensor02601.0-01    
all AC 230V, 50Hz, 20Wwall holder with connection cable03410.0-01Air-flow Monitor, NOLC 01334 x 17,5 x 7,5mm01300.1-00
柜内照明灯   with fixing clamp and fixing clip   
Hand Lamp with lamp holderDL 026AC 230V, 50Hz, 20W02610.0-00流量监视开关   
手灯   Air-flow Monitor, NOLCF 01380 x 88 x 10,5mm01301.1-00
Slimline LampSL 025German socket (w/o magnet)02520.0-00integrated in protective grille 92 x 92 x 10mm01302.1-00
on/off switch German socket (w/ magnet)02520.1-00流量监视开关 120 x 120 x 10mm01303.1-00
with/without magnet fixing French socket (w/o magnet)02521.0-00    
all AC 230V, 50Hz, 11W French socket (w/ magnet)02521.1-00Electronic RelaySM 010DC 48V, 16A01000.0-00
  Swiss socket (w/o magnet)02522.0-00大功率直流继电器 DC 24V, 16A01001.0-00
电柜照明灯 Swiss socket (w/ magnet)02522.1-00    
  UK/Ireland socket (w/o magnet)02523.0-00Small, compact ThermostatKTO 011Contact Breaker 0 to +60°C01140.0-00
  UK/Ireland socket (w/ magnet)02523.1-00加热器温度开关 Contact Breaker -10 to +50°C01142.0-00
  without socket (w/o magnet)02527.0-00  Contact Breaker +20 to +80°C01159.0-00
  without socket (w/ magnet)02527.1-00 KTS 011Contact Maker 0 to +60°C01141.0-00
Slimline LampSL 025German socket (w/o magnet)02520.0-03风扇温度开关 Contact Maker -10 to +50°C01143.0-00
movement sensor German socket (w/ magnet)02520.1-03  Contact Maker +20 to +80°C01158.0-00
with/without magnet fixing French socket (w/o magnet)02521.0-03    
all AC 230V, 50Hz, 11W French socket (w/ magnet)02521.1-03Dual ThermostatZR 011Breaker and Maker 0 to +60°C01172.0-00
  Swiss socket (w/o magnet)02522.0-03加温散热温度开关 Breaker -10 to +50°C and               Maker +20 to +80°C01175.0-00
电柜照明灯 Swiss socket (w/ magnet)02522.1-03
  UK/Ireland socket (w/o magnet)02523.0-03UL File No. E164102 Maker and Maker 0 to +60°C01176.0-00
  UK/Ireland socket (w/ magnet)02523.1-03    
  without socket (w/o magnet)02527.0-04Mechanical ThermostatFZK 011Change-over AC 230V, +5 to +60°C01170.0-00
  without socket (w/ magnet)02527.1-04加温散热温度开关 Change-over AC 230V, -20 to +30°C01170.0-02
19" Slimline LampSL 025with German socket02520.0-02    
on/off switch with French socket02521.0-02Electronic ThermostatET 011Change-over contact, DC 24V, 0 to 60°C01190.0-00
all AC 230V, 50Hz, 11W with Swiss socket02522.0-02加温散热温度开关   
超薄型盘内照明灯 with UK/Ireland socket02523.0-02Mechanical HygrostatMFR 01235-95% RH01220.0-00
  without socket02527.0-02湿度控制器   
    Mechanical HygrostatKFR 01265% RH fix01240.0-00
    湿度控制器 50% RH fix01241.0-00
  ProductSTEGOElectronic HygrothermETF 012AC 230V, 0 - +60°C, 50-90% RH01230.0-00
Article DescriptionSeriesSpecificationArt. No. 温湿度控制器   
Electrical SocketSD 035AC 250V, German socket03500.0-00    
(with fuse) AC 250V,  French socket03501.0-00Hazardous area ThermostatREx 011Contact Breaker 15°C01180.0-00
配电柜导轨式排插 AC 250V, Swiss socket03502.0-00Ex-protection according to EN LCIEContact Breaker 25°C01181.0-00
  AC 250V, UK/Ireland socket03503.0-00防爆温控开关   
  AC 250V, Italian socket03505.0-00    
US/Canada socket only: UL File No. E222026AC 125V, US/Canada socket03504.0-00    
Electrical SocketSD 035AC 250V, German socket03500.0-01    
(without fuse) AC 250V,  French socket03501.0-01    
配电柜导轨式排插 AC 250V, Swiss socket03502.0-01    
  AC 250V, UK/Ireland socket03503.0-01    
  AC 250V, Italian socket03505.0-01    
US/Canada socket only: UL File No. E222026AC 125V, US/Canada socket03504.0-01    


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